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More than 145 years after founding, Curt Georgi is still 100% family owned.
Today, the company is managed by the 4th and 5th generation. And our future will be in family hands to – we are happy to see the 6th generation growing up!

1875Founding of Curt Georgi in Leipzig

1875, Mr. Curt Robert Georgi (27), the founder of the company, starts the production of essential oils, flavouring essences, flower extracts and soap perfumes in Leipzig, Germany. On extensive trips to the mediterranean region he had made close contacts to producers of essential oils and raw materials for his production. The business is running well due to Curt Georgi’s personal commitment, especially in Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. He also discovers new markets like Russia, Middle East and South-America. 

1906Herbert Curt Georgi takes over

1906 Mr. Curt Georgi deceases at age 58. His son, Herbert Curt Georgi (26) takes over.  

1910Larger production site in Leipzig

1910 Within only a couple of years, Herbert Curt Georgi manages to double the turnover of the company and starts to expand. New administration offices as well as larger production plants are built in Leipzig.

1914First World War

1914 The First World War forces to break up all exports and most of the employees are called up to war. Nevertheless Herbert Curt Georgi manages to maintain the company.

1916Locations in different countries

1916 A subsidiary is established in neutral Switzerland to be able to deliver to foreign customers during these times. After the war, three more locations open in Valencia, Milano and Athens. Curt Georgi belongs to one of the leading flavour and fragrance houses on the world market at that time. 

1920Start of an industrial distillation plant

1920 Building and implementing of a distillation plant at Curt Georgi Leipzig.

1939Second World War

1939 With the start of the Second World War almost all male employees are called to the German Armed Forces, the production is strongly limited, later totally shut down.  

1945Breakdown of the German economy

1945 The Second World War leads to a total collapse of German economy. Also Curt Georgi is deeply affected - all corporate assets are lost 1947/48, the company becomes a nationally-owned enterprise (VEB), the foreign subsidiaries are confiscated.  

1949Paul Heinz Landgraf starts from scratch

1949/50 After the Second World War, Curt Georgi again starts from scratch in Böblingen, West-Germany. Paul-Heinz Landgraf (33), the son-in-law of Herbert Curt Georgi reorganizes the rebuilding with never ending energy and commercial skills. He manages to reestablish the domestic and export markets. 

1968His two sons reinforce the management

1968 and 1973 the sons of Paul-Heinz Landgraf, Christoph Dietrich and Andreas Landgraf, join the company. Business grows steadily; new subsidiaries in Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia are founded.

1970More expansion

1970 Curt Georgi moves to a new location with 3.000 square meter production facilities in the city of Boeblingen, next to Stuttgart. Additionally to flavours and fragrances, chewing gum base, plant extracts for cosmetics as well as emulsions and other bases for drinks are becoming part of the product portfolio.

1979New markets

1979 Andreas Landgraf takes the lead for expansion into new markets: South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Representations in Indonesia, Thailand, Syria, Pakistan and Iran are established.

1982A stroke of fate

1982 A stroke of fate hits the family: Christoph Dietrich, first son of Lieselotte Landgraf, the daughter of Curt Georgi, dies of a severe disease.

1989Subsidiary in Poland

1989 Due to the political opening in Poland, a representation as well as storage is built in Warsaw and Krakow, to expand the market there and deliver to customers directly.  

1990New production plant in Böblingen

1990 Due to increasing output the company moves into a new built location in the industrial park of Böblingen. Now the company disposes of an area of 11,000 square meters of which 5.000 square meters belong to the production and warehouse area.

1991Investment into a spraying tower

1991 The market asks for spray-dried flavours, which leads to investment into a spraying tower. After a short starting period the Curt Georgi Geocpas flavour production is fully occupied - more capacities are found at other companies.  

1995Cooperation in South Africa

A business cooperation with production site is founded in South Africa to deliver promptly to the growing South-African market as well as to surrounding countries.

2001Curt Georgi gets ISO 9001 certified

2001 Curt Georgi gets ISO 9001 certified and can herewith prove the high quality level of its processes, products and services.

2006The fifth generation starts working

2006 Melanie Brendel-Landgraf (31), daughter of Andreas Landgraf and the fifth generation starts at Curt Georgi after having worked several years in the fragrance and flavor industry in the US, France and Germany.

2013Curt Georgi gets FSSC 22000 certified

2013 The rising safety requirements on the safety of food lead to the implementation of a management system for food safety according to FSSC 22000 at Curt Georgi and to get it certified beginning of 2013. This system certification integrates the requirements on food hygiene according to HACCP, ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 220002-1 with further specific demands. It again proofs the high standard of Curt Georgi´s quality management system.

2017Enlargement of the Management Board

2017 Samuel Schunter, Master of Food Science and working at Curt Georgi since 2002, reinforces the board of management as General Manager.

2020Focus exclusively on Flavour Business

2020 As Curt Georgi will concentrates exclusively and even more intense on the flavour business in the future, the company turns over its perfumery business division to Joh. Vögele KG in Lauffen, Germany. Vögele Ingredients also is a long-standing and family-owned manufacturer of Perfume Oils.

TodayStill independent and family-owned

Today, more than 145 years after the founding of the company, Curt Georgi is one of the most traditional flavour houses in Europe – still independent and private. The specialization on flavours for sweet foods and tobacco products has proved successful and lead to a very positive company development during the last years.

Curt Georgi is managed by the 4th and 5th generation of the founder family - Andreas Landgraf and his daughter Melanie Brendel-Landgraf together with Samuel Schunter, General Manager.

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