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Tobacco flavours

The tobacco industry applies flavours to serve various purposes. Fruit extracts, licorice or cocoa are used to improve the taste characteristics of tobacco. The trend to use lighter tobacco products with less nicotine also requires new flavour solutions.

Curt Georgi provides a full range of different casings and flavours used on various tobacco components as well as the full flavour portfolio for Shisha/Hookah, E-Liquids and Kretek. 

Additionally we provide a customer-oriented service including our professional consulting for tobacco production. Our consultants are speaking ‘your language’ and will gladly answer any questions regarding flavouring and production.

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Tobacco flavour applications

Our product range contains flavours for all kinds of applications:


We offer innovative creations in the following taste areas: fruit, mint, cocktails, pralines, desserts, cool and combinations.


Vaping  - a global trend for young and old. As a flavour-house with more than 140 years of experience we may offer you numerous attractive and tasty flavor notes.


Casings and top flavours are the key for a unique taste experience. We offer overall-, Burley- and Virginia- Casings, Enhancers and Smoothers for all purposes.

Cigarillos and cigars

Our flavours give your products a unique character.

Benefits of our tobacco flavours

Create a unique profile and pack aroma.

Improve and enhance the natural tobacco taste.

Compensate the negatives like dryness, irritation or a weak character.

Help to ensure the continuity of taste in the final product and act as a cost reducer.

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