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Quality and product safety

Quality makes the difference! For more than 140 years Curt Georgi is committed to the highest product quality and product safety standards – in every department and in all locations. In a world of rising expectations of our clients and the final consumers these are our key elements for success.

Quality control and quality management

Our quality control system is based on complete monitoring. It ranges from the diligent selection of raw materials through documented quality assurance of all work processes to the careful examination of every single delivered end product. Constant quality control, permanent optimization of processes, highly qualified employees as well as an absolute customer orientation are the fundament of product quality at Curt Georgi.

Food safety

As a producer of food flavours the safety requirements of our customers are constant impulses to improve the food safety. This lead to the implementation of a management system for food safety according to FSSC 22000 at Curt Georgi and to get it certified beginning of 2013. This system certification integrates the requirements on food hygiene according to HACCP, ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-1 with further specific demands on the safety of food. These certifications proof the high standard of Curt Georgi´s quality management system. You are very welcome to visit us at any time and get a full view on this on-site.

Certified Quality

Not only hygiene and safety but also special ethnic requirements for products are becoming increasingly important all over the world. Curt Georgi offers an extensive selection of Kosher and Halal certified products, approved by worldwide-acknowledged organizations.

We are also happy to create custom-made products with the desired certification for you. 

Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000

Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000

Kosher - London Beth Din Kashrut Division

Kosher Certifikation:
London Beth Din Kashrut Division

Halal - Total Quality

Halal Certifikation: Total Quality
Halal Correct Certification b.v.

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