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Application technology department

Our modern application technology department is ready to provide you with all kinds of taste samples. Be it confectionery, bakery, soft drinks or tobacco products: Our laboratory constantly develops and realizes new product ideas. We are happy to share our knowledge and innovation with you to help your product idea become reality.

Our laboratory equipment:

  • Tablet press, type "Fette"
  • Aerating System, type „Hansamixer“
  • Pulling Machine, type „Drouven“
  • Coating drums, type "Drouven" and "Schokoma"
  • Steam pressure dissolver, type "Drouven"
  • Chewing gum kneader, type „Linden“
  • Chewing gum cutting unit, type „Drouven“
  • Equipment for chewing candies and mogul products
  • Three-roll refiner, type "Exakt"
  • Chocolate enrobing machine, type "Dedy"

We can offer you:

  • Technical know-how and experience
  • Product formulations
  • Process parameters
  • Assistance in product development
  • Quality optimization
  • Proactive marketing presentations


Our competence covers knowledge on various areas of confectionery and bakery technology like the production of jellies, candies, toffees and chewing toffees, chewing gum and bubble gum, foams (e.g. marshmallows), powder compounds, compressed tablets, beverages, bakery-pastry products, and many more. We are also specialized in the field of tobacco products where we can offer you excellent technical support and tailor-made flavour systems.

All Curt Georgi product samples are produced under semi-industrial conditions, to give you a taste of our creativity in a real-life scenario. Put us to the test!

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